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  • How long before my order is shipped?
    Orders are usually shipped with 2-3 business days after being placed. Shipping times may vary but can take as little as 1 day to arrive.
  • Can my purchase be returned if I am not satisfied?
    Yes! Your order can be returned after it is recieved. However, orders can not be returned while items are still in transit, order has to be delivered to the purchaser first. Although we offer free shipping, Shipback prices will be covered by the purchaser.
  • T-Shirt & Image Care?
    Do Not Iron Images or Lettering* To iron, turn shirt inside out and press the back side of image (Steamer recommended). To wash, turn inside out. Use cold water with like colors and tumble dry (Low-Med)
  • Can I be an ambassador for Bae & Nights? Receive free products?
    Yes! Send a message of interest through the contact page. Must meet specific requirements (ie. Sufficient followers, Active feeds etc) If selected you may recieve Free items and Custom discount codes
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